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Consuelo Vanderbilt, a beacon of multifaceted talent and philanthropy, hails from the illustrious Vanderbilt lineage, being a seventh-generation descendant of the eminent Cornelius Vanderbilt. Born in New York City, she has charted her own course, transcending the confines of her ancestry to establish herself as a singer, songwriter, actress, designer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Consuelo Vanderbilt’s journey into music and arts was deeply influenced by her upbringing and the rich cultural experiences she encountered while living in England and studying in Florence. From a young age, she demonstrated a deep passion for music, undergoing rigorous training and immersing herself in the art of performance. Her early years were marked by an adventurous spirit and a determination to hone her craft, laying the foundation for her future success in the music industry.

A Symphony of Talent and Philanthropy A Symphony of Talent and Philanthropy A Symphony of Talent and Philanthropy


Beyond her musical endeavors, Consuelo's foray into entrepreneurship and design reflects her innovative spirit and creative vision. The launch of her jewelry line, Homage, in collaboration with HSN, is a tribute to the Vanderbilt legacy, incorporating designs inspired by her ancestors and her own unique style. This venture, along with her establishment of C&R Productions, illustrates her ability to blend artistic creativity with business acumen, offering a fresh perspective in both the music and fashion industries.


Consuelo is the co-founder of SohoMuse, a member-driven social networking platform for creative professionals. The platform launched in 2017, as a solution for creative professionals across the globe, to have the ability to network and collaborate across various creative industries. Since its introduction to the creative world, the platform has garnered thousands of memberships from globally renowned designers, artists, musicians, and directors to dancers, makeup artists, and more, who have collaborated on projects ranging from New York and London Fashion Week experiences to television and film productions, photoshoots and more.

C&R Productions

A record label established by Consuelo, facilitating her music production and distribution. This venture allowed her singles to reach the Billboard Dance Charts, demonstrating her dual talents in music and business.

Homage Jewelry Line

Inspired by Vanderbilt family heirlooms, Consuelo launched a jewelry collection on HSN in 2015. This line merges historical elegance with modern design, reflecting her entrepreneurial spirit and connection to her heritage.


Consuelo’s philanthropic efforts are driven by personal experiences and a commitment to making a meaningful difference. Her active involvement in raising awareness for ovarian cancer, inspired by her mother’s battle with the disease, highlights her dedication to supporting cancer research and patient care. Additionally, her work with the American Heart Association and other charitable organizations showcases her broad philanthropic interests and her belief in the power of giving back to the community.


"Consuelo shares our philosophy of investing in social health and wellness, as well as our love of Nashville, its heritage, and investing in its future"

Cameron Newton

Managing Partner at Relevance Ventures.


People that fight for the truth and who fight for justice are true heroes to me. Speaking out on behalf of people who don’t have.

Phil La Duke

Authority Magazine

Singer  Entrepreneur  Philanthropist 


Consuelo Vanderbilt’s multifaceted career has not gone unnoticed. Featured in prestigious publications like Vogue, Town & Country, and PAPER Magazine, her achievements have been celebrated both within and beyond the creative industries. This media recognition not only highlights her accomplishments but also her role as a modern ambassador of the Vanderbilt legacy



With an unyielding spirit and continuous drive for innovation, the future holds no bounds for Consuelo. Whether it's new music, expanding SohoMuse, or furthering her philanthropic reach, her journey is a testament to the power of embracing one’s heritage while forging a unique path. Stay tuned for what's next in her remarkable saga.